"Every product has a perfect shot." - Justin

Product photography is an art form that requires the perfect balance of angle, light, and depth to ensure that your product stands out in a way that sets it apart from its competition. The Prime Label Studios team of highly talented photographers will showcase your products and brand’s story with perfect shots with customer conversion in focus.

our specializations:

Graphic Design

our specializations:

Enchanced Brand Content(EBC) is important to increase your brand value and unique selling propositions.
Increase the unboxing experiences for your customers and stand out on the shelf space. Good packaging ensures great brand value.
Be the first thing your customer sees when they open your product. Provide product guarantee or leave a greeting for the next time they buy from you.
Logo design is one of our specialties and a anecessary component in creating a reference frame of quality and value for your brand.

"Good graphics design is intelligence made visible" - Raymond

Graphics design makes your product listing come alive. Our graphics design team consists of experts with wide range of product experience to illustrate your products features, benefits, and emotional value. With the use of the right pictures, product information, and design your product experience will stand out with a single glance.


"A product video is a gatewar for your customer to feel your product.- Ciaran

Video is the new black on Amazon and is slowly picking up as it can drive up traffic and conversion. A good product video is no easy task and each product needs its own script and shooting style. The Prime Label Studios video team are experts at finding the right storyline and will cast your product and make it a movie star on the Amazon marketplace.


"The right keywords carry power and you need power to drive conversion.- Ana

With a few words, your listing comes alive. Finding the right keywords is necessary not only to drive traffic but to create conversion.

Our copywriting department works seamlessly with the graphics, videography, and photography departments to provide the persuasive words to illustrate the visual images.

Photography, graphics, and video describe; copywritting sells. For mores samples of what this department can do, check out the EBCs and the infographics in our portfolio down below.


our portfolio