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Conversion Optimization Services
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You have come such a long way. From exploring the best selling items on Amazon to listening to the Amazon experts on sourcing, shipping, negotiations, and PPC — it’s been quite the journey. Now it’s time for the fun part. It’s time to sell that Unicorn Product you’ve created.

That’s easier said than done. Many starting sellers invest the bulk of their budget on the product and its logistics, leaving precious little capital for the customer experience. Amazon listing optimization is crucial to endearing your target market to your product, and convincing them that life without your product is a life not worth living.

The trouble is, most Amazon experts for hire specialize in one thing or another. You’d hire one person to do your Amazon photography, then send those images to another studio for Amazon graphic design. Yet another person handles your Amazon listing keywords and listing optimization. Then you coordinate with a video studio for a product video. Four different outfits. 

The result is a hodgepodge of a listing. There’s no strategy or coherent message that flows throughout the listing. To your customer, the listing looks disjointed and confused. On your end meanwhile, it’s been a nightmare having to manage the project from one end to the other. You’ve already managed so much of your product up to this point; wouldn’t it be nice to hand the listing off to experts?

The idea is to find an outfit that can take your product from a raw sample all the way to on- and offline presence that converts and engages your audience — in a memorable and Amazon TOS-compliant way.

The Scenario You Face with Amazon Photographers, Designers, Copywriters, and Videographers

Chances are, you’ve hopped onto Facebook forums and job boards like Upwork to look for your photographer, designer, copywriter, and videographer. You’ve even found really amazing workers. Somehow, the situation was not ideal.

Why not?

You’ve faced one or more of these issues:

The result was a listing that was expensive to produce, a headache to create, and ineffective to boot.


In short, a waste of money.

Is your listing Live?
Are you curious about your listing heatlh?

It means that your listing needs to be shinier and newer than ever before. It means that your product photography needs to leap off the page and grab your customers by the shirt lapels. It means that your Amazon listing keywords need to be on point to reach your buyers wherever they may be in their journey.

It also means you can’t afford to waste any more time and money on getting your Amazon conversion right.

The Time is Right to Optimize Your Listing - So it speaks directly to your customers!

It’s time to turn a want into a need — to convince customers that your product can alleviate their pain points, appeal to their gain points, and improve their lives way better than the competition can.

Enter the Lion: Conversion Optimization That Will ROAR

In the wise words of Jerry Garcia: “You do not merely want to be considered just the best of the best. You want to be considered the only one who does what you do.”

We are the only ones who do what we do.

Under a single roof in the heart of bustling Metro Manila, four departments coordinate to bring four creative components to the table:
  1. Clear and beautiful Amazon photography that helps you increase your click-through-rate
  2. Graphic design that clearly illustrates the features, attributes, and unique selling proposition of your product
  3. Copywriting that employs advanced SEO and elegant words to increase your chances of ranking and converting to sale
  4. A videography department that makes full use of the #1 most converting tool in your Amazon listing arsenal

We put these common values together for the service of others. We achieve this purpose through sharing our talents with sellers in the Amazon and e-commerce communities.

Each and every one of the people who work at Prime Label Studios understands and is passionate about Amazon. Our professional studio is strategically located and perfectly optimized to produce stellar work — but it’s also home to a team that, frankly, just can’t get enough of each other.

We aim to serve the Amazon community, regardless if you are a new or experienced seller. We strive towards improving your listing through our creative talents and professional services.


Still not convinced? Here’s what differentiates us:


We make it a point to utilize sophisticated technology in our processes, but human touch is — and will always be — a top priority at Prime Label Studios. We have top of the line customer service. Our team of sales experts and business analysts are the “first touch” you have with us, and from there, our communication continues through the process. We never want you to feel abandoned.


We are reliable. We give tips from which shipping service to use, plus tips on how to use our services to get optimal conversions. We’re honest; we don’t oversell our services. Authenticity is important in all that we do.


With four services in one spot, we are all about convenience.


We help you tell your story. Do you have a product or an idea, but do not know how to put it into pictures or words? We are passionately curios about your story, and we do what we can to translate your words into your brand. The benefit of having all the necessary services under one roof is the protection of your brand identity — the result is a cohesive story, from main image all the way down to your product packaging

The Faces Behind the Names

The faces and personalities below are the ones that touch your project and bring it from start to finish. Get to know them here.


Marc - Owner of Prime Label Studios


In 2018, Marc started investing in FBA businesses. He acquired Prime Label Studios in 2020, and works tirelessly to nurture the people, processes, and business that make up the company. Here’s a fun fact about Marc — he’s been an entrepreneur all his life. While studying in a school run by nuns in Andorra, he would find video game cheat sheets online and print them out to sell to his classmates. The nuns would call his father and ask why a 10-year-old kid was walking around with so much money in his pockets — his father had no idea!



Lance - Operation Manager in Prime Label Studios

We should change Lance’s title to Everybody’s BFF. A born team player, Lance understands the company’s operations inside and out. He’s one of the key people that works alongside management to carry the company to success. Externally, Lance is the consummate professional who brings clients’ projects to completion, with an eagle eye focused on quality. Lance may be sweet, gentle, and helpful — but his favorite movie character is Darth Vader, of all people! Well. The force is strong in this one, for sure.


Arnau is the first step to beautiful output. Every project passes through him first. He creates the project brief that identifies the content, feel, brand image, and important information that client deliverables need to communicate. His project briefs rule the flow of the four creative departments. Arnau’s experience as a graphic designer definitely helps him speak the language of the creative departments.


Little Raymond and his cousins were playing on the swings. One said – “no eyes!” One said — “backwards!” Well. Raymond-the-Kid wouldn’t be one-upped by anyone. “NO HANDS!” he exclaimed — and ended up in the hospital. Now that he’s much taller and wiser, Raymond makes sure things run efficiently and effectively. Raymond’s got widespread experience in process-oriented systems, handling projects on Process Alignment, and seeing how these processes can speed up the company’s flow.




Justin - Photography Creative Director in Prime Label Studios

Our quiet director of photography is a man of few words — his pictures speak volumes where he does not. He puts in the hard work and dedication to lead the photography team in Amazon’s best practices. Clients have marvelled at how their main images have resulted in higher CTR, and how clean and elegant lifestyle images have improved their conversions. Fun fact about Justin? He likes mayonnaise.


Ciaran - Video Creative Director in Prime Label Studios

Our tattooed creative director of the videography department brings cutting-edge creativity to develop great video content for the clients of Prime Label Studios. His videos are the highest-converting tool in the listings of our clients; these short mini-movies showcase the best features, attributes, and benefits of our clients’ products. In spite of his indubitable skill, Ciaran never graduated from school! From his native Ireland all the way to Manila, Ciaran has learned his skills on YouTube and on the job.


Ray - Graphics Creative Director in Prime Label Studios

Our resident funny man has been churning out Amazon-compliant graphics for more than 4 years now. He started his career on Upwork as the EBC specialist, and has even owned his own Amazon graphics studio. He rules the graphics department with an eye on quality and a firm hand — tempered by a sharp wit and a great sense of humor. His childhood hero is MacGyver, so he secretly wants to grow a mullet. Do you think he should?


Ana - Copywriting Creative Director in Prime Label Studios

This native English speaker actually speaks four different languages, a direct consequence of an international education across Asia and North America. She believes in bringing the best practices in copywriting to the content produced by Prime Label Studios. She’s been a copywriter since 2008, in the corporate world, as a ghostwriter, and as a member of the press. Her work has been published all over Asia. She’s a huge fan of blue cheese.

What to Expect

Just in case we haven’t been abundantly clear yet — we’re excited to work with you. But we understand how risky it may feel to entrust your listing to one entity, as opposed to handling the production yourself.


So, we’re managing your expectations. Here’s how all those personalities up there combine to bring a product to completion.

For more in-depth information, read about Our Processes HERE

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